The Aftermath of M-Day: Mutants Must Cope with the Decimation

Marvel Comics – M-Day

The heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe must cope with the consequences of M-Day. It was all the fault of one woman – Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch!

The event spawned several miniseries including Son of M featuring a depowered Quicksilver, Generation M, Sentinel Squad O*N*E and X-Men: Deadly Genesis.

Scarlet Witch

Mutants possess powerful, sometimes dangerous powers ranging from telekinesis to weather control to full-on reality manipulation. This has made them a target for baseline humans, who have hunted them almost to extinction. But it was one of their own who nearly destroyed them – Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch. In a fit of madness she weaved a reality-warping spell that stripped the majority of mutants of their powers, a fate known as M-Day or the Decimation.

Using her hexing abilities, the Scarlet Witch created an alternate universe where mutants were the dominant species – with Magneto becoming ruler of the human race, Quicksilver getting his sons back and Captain Marvel and Spider-Man both being celebrated heroes. But the Scarlet Witch soon grew tired of her manipulative father and the marginalized status of mutants in the real world, so she reverted the reality with a single word. In the process she de-powered millions of mutants and wiped their genetic codes from the world.

The Decimation

When the X-Men lost their powers on M-Day it was called The Decimation. This storyline was spread over a handful of different comics, with the one-shot Decimation: House of M and the 2005 miniseries Generation M, Sentinel Squad O*N*E, X-Men: Deadly Genesis, and X-Men: 198 being some of the main series that carried the title.

The name comes from the word decimate, which is used to describe a military punishment in ancient Rome, where a unit would be punished by killing one-tenth of its soldiers to scare the other nine-tenth into obedience. It has since strayed from its original meaning, but still retains the general sense of near-total destruction or loss of something in great numbers.

It also refers to the fact that most mutants were depowered after M-Day, with only a small number of powered mutants remaining. These mutants are known as the 198. A few unpowered mutants were able to get their powers back, including Hope Summers and Magneto’s daughter Lorna Dane/Polaris.

The New X-Men

Morrison’s run was a juggernaut that reworked almost everything about Marvel’s mutants. He introduced many ideas all at once, from a new evil twin sister for Professor Xavier to Hope Summers’ return to Messiah CompleX, while he also set up longer-threads like his take on Emma Frost as a diamond-skinned one-liner factory and the introduction of secondary mutations. Several of Morrison’s creations (including the Stepford Cuckoos, a five-pronged hive mind and Glob Herman) would recur for years afterward.

In the end, though, Morrison repositioned the X-Men’s crazy stakes, ratcheted back some of the action and softened up the team dynamics to give mutants some breathing room. And while his touches were sometimes a bit on the nose — his take on drug kick, for instance, is a little too ‘just say no to drugs, kids’ — it’s hard to argue that he wasn’t a worthy heir apparent to the X-Men legacy. [4/5]

The House of M

The Scarlet Witch’s reality-altering hex powers led to the creation of an alternate Marvel Universe where mutants were Earth’s dominant species and Magneto was king. Wolverine is one of the few people who remembers this other world, and he can use his mutant “healing factor” to help others regain their memories as well.

This miniseries recapped the fallout of House of M, including the formation of HAMMER, the new world security force which replaced SHIELD and the re-emergence of the Skrulls as a threat to Earth. It also featured the return of Moira MacTaggert, the geneticist who had worked with Charles Xavier and founded Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

These trade paperbacks collect all the books involved in the storyline. They include the main House of M miniseries, a one-shot called WandaVision, and the series Son of M which showed Quicksilver dealing with his loss of powers as well as Generation M, which focused on a group of mutants who were forced to live without their powers.

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Invincible: Omni-Man’s Secret Identity and the Consequences of his Actions

Invincible Comics With Omni-Man

One of the more interesting changes that Invincible made from its comic book source material was in how it handled Omni-Man. Nolan Grayson, who goes by the hero name of Omni-Man in the show, is an alien from the Viltrumite empire.

He takes on a human identity to better assimilate into Earth culture, and even marries a woman named Debbie.


If you want a comic book that will keep you reading from start to finish, Invincible is a great choice. This Image Comics series follows Mark Grayson (aka Invincible) as he tries to live a normal life while being the son of the world’s most powerful superhero. Kirkman and Walker do a great job of building the story, giving characters meaningful character arcs, and adding plot twists to the mix. Invincible isn’t afraid to slow down and let the reader catch their breath, but it also doesn’t overdo the swoosh bam boom action.

This is a superhero comic after all, so there’s plenty of violence. But unlike many superhero books, this one doesn’t hide the gruesome details or use them as a crutch. It explores deep philosophical questions like whether a superhero should kill their enemies if they are hellbent on attacking them again or causing destruction and loss of life. And while there are some stretches of the book that drag, it always builds back up to the next big event.


Omni-Man is a Viltrumite of immense power. He is able to withstand almost any form of physical harm, and can heal remarkably quickly. He also possesses superhuman speed, making him incredibly dangerous to anyone he encounters.

He resides on Earth, where he presents himself as Nolan Grayson and works with the Global Defense Agency to hide his true identity. He has a human wife named Debbie and a son, Mark. He has high expectations for his son, which often cause friction between him and the family.

At the funeral of the Guardians, Omni-Man delivers a speech that explains that even though they had lost many heroes, they would never be alone. He urges them to keep fighting for their world and not give up. He also reveals that he killed the Guardians, saying it was his responsibility.

Guardians of the Globe

The first episode of Invincible, the Amazon Prime series based on Robert Kirkman’s comics, ends with a wild twist. Mark Grayson’s father Nolan/Omni-Man, the most powerful superhero on Earth, kills every member of the Guardians of the Globe in a bloody battle for no apparent reason.

The Guardians were a team of superpowered adults including Red Rush, Black Samson, The Immortal, Aquarus and Martian Man. They were a group that was created to protect the world from aliens and other threats.

After the death of the original Guardians, a new team was formed. This incarnation of the team includes Brit, Outrun, Rex-Plode, Shrinking Rey, Monster Girl and Robot. The team is far from ready to be Earth’s ultimate line of defense. Even their leader Cecil knows that the current Guardians do not have what it takes to take on Omni-Man. This would be a huge blow to the show and comic. However, they still do their best to keep the planet safe.

The Immortals

An amazing comic book series but there is a lot of gore and violence in it so be prepared if you read or watch it. It is about a young girl who is blessed with immortality and fights to break the curse of her father while trying to save her boyfriend Damen.

She is also trying to choose a college, graduate high school and start dating. Plus her dad’s species is at war with Earth. This is quite a load to carry for any mortal. This is why he gets a lot of help from the other immortals who have been around a long time and are very familiar with the trials and tribulations of being an immortal. These include rex, robot, monster girl and dupli Kate among others. The Immortal is the leader of the Guardians and is married to dupli-Kate. He is unkillable but was beheaded by Omni-Man and revived by the Mauler twins who dug him up and reattached his head. He now rules the world as a tyrant.

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Florence’s Comics 2 Games: Your One-Stop Shop for Gaming, Collectibles, and Fun!

Comics 2 Games in Florence KY

Comics 2 Games is a great local gaming shop with a huge selection of pinball machines. Their collection includes beautiful collector’s edition machines and some hard to find older models. They also have a good selection of board and card games, Funko pops, and comic books. Most of their games are set up for 50 cent play, which makes it very affordable to have a fun time!


Comics 2 Games is a one-stop shop for all your comic book, gaming and collectible needs. They carry a huge selection of new monthly comics, old school back issues, graphic novels and Sideshow Collectibles. In addition, they have an incredible collection of pinball machines with both beautiful newer collector’s editions and hard to find older machines. Most of their pinball machines are set up so that $1 gets you three games. Check them out today! They also carry a great selection of board and card games.

They have a great staff and are very helpful with any questions you may have.

Board Games

If you’re in the mood to play some board games, Comics 2 Games is a great place to go. They have a wide variety of board games and card games. Their selection includes everything from classic board games to modern tabletop wargames. They also have a great pinball machine collection. The machines are meticulously maintained and most of them are set up for 50 cent play. They even have a few of the newer collector’s editions with extra appointments. They also have a nice selection of Funko Pops and comic books. This makes it a fun and affordable place to visit.

Card Games

If you are looking for a place to play card games, Comics 2 Games is the perfect choice. They have a great selection of card and board games, as well as pinball machines. The prices are fair, and most machines are set up so that $1 gets you three games. The staff is friendly and helpful. They also have some cool merchandise, such as Funko Pops and Pokemon cards. They are located at 8470 US-42, Florence, KY 41042, US. They have received 4.8 stars out of 5 on Yelp. You can call them at 540-955-7996 or visit their website to learn more.

Comic Books

Comics 2 Games offers a bit of everything for everyone, from new monthly releases and back issues to Sideshow Collectibles and hot toys. They also have an incredible pinball collection with beautiful collector’s edition machines and hard to find older models. With all the machines set at 50 cent play, it is the area’s best and most affordable place to play pinball. This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, so pick up a free comic and celebrate!


If you love toys and games, you’ll find plenty of them at Comics 2 Games. In addition to a beautiful pinball collection, this shop also has tons of board and card games, Funko Pops, and other collectibles. Their prices are reasonable, and most of the machines are set up so $1 gets you three games! The staff here is friendly and helpful. You’ll definitely enjoy spending time here. The shop is located in Florence, Kentucky.

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Exploring the Thrill and Tradition of Online Baccarat

Engaging with a 메이저바카라사이트 offers a distinct blend of excitement and challenge that lures in both seasoned gamblers and curious newcomers. The thrill pulsating within the virtual walls of a major baccarat site is palpable; it’s a world where strategy and luck intertwine, and the allure of the game’s simplicity and sophistication reels you in. When you step into the arena of baccarat, particularly on a platform renowned for its prestige, you’re not just playing a game; you’re immersing yourself in a centuries-old tradition that has been digitalized for the contemporary player.

In the boulevards of digital casinos, baccarat stands tall and proud, carrying its legacy with grace. This game, once reserved for nobility, now welcomes players from all walks of life, transcending social barriers, and presenting an equal playing field. The rules of baccarat are straightforward, yet the game conceals a depth that few other casino offerings can match. Players are faced with one primary decision: to bet on the ‘player’, the ‘banker’, or a tie. The objective? Predict which hand will draw a value closest to nine. The simplicity is deceptive, for within this ease of play lies a tapestry of potential strategies and outcomes.

The digitalization of baccarat has amplified its global reach, allowing enthusiasts to engage in this storied game from any corner of the earth. Through the screens of their devices, players can experience the grandeur of a 메이저바카라사이트, where each round is a meticulously crafted spectacle, designed to deliver an unrivaled gaming experience. Advanced software ensures fairness and randomness, replicating the authenticity of a physical deck with each deal. It’s the perfect marriage of tradition and technology.

Security is paramount in these online arenas. Just as the high-rolling environment of physical casinos is protected by eagle-eyed staff and sophisticated surveillance, 메이저바카라사이트 maintain an impermeable digital fortress. Cutting-edge encryption and privacy protocols safeguard every transaction and ensure that your personal data remains confidential.

The communal spirit of baccarat also thrives in cyberspace. On the digital green felt, players from various backgrounds gather, sharing the common thread of their love for the game. Chat rooms buzz with camaraderie and friendly banter, emulating the social aspect that has always been a core component of the casino experience.

The conclusion of every game whispers the possibility of a different outcome in the next. The rhythmic shuffle of cards, the anticipation building with each reveal, these are the moments that define the baccarat experience. The allure of a 메이저바카라사이트 lies in its unpredictability, wrapped in the comfort of familiar rules and engaging gameplay.


1. What is 메이저바카라사이트?
메이저바카라사이트 refers to a major or leading online baccarat site known for its reliability, fairness, and high-quality gaming experience.

2. Why is baccarat so popular online?
Baccarat’s popularity online stems from its simple rules, quick gameplay, and the convenience of playing from anywhere at any time.

3. Are online baccarat games fair?
Yes, reputable online baccarat sites use Random Number Generators (RNG) to ensure game outcomes are fair and unbiased.

4. Can I interact with other players in 메이저바카라사이트?
Many major baccarat sites offer chat features, allowing players to interact with each other, thus replicating the social experience of a physical casino.

5. Is it safe to play baccarat online?
Playing baccarat online is safe as long as you are using a reputable and secure website that employs advanced security measures to protect user data and transactions.

Doctor Who Comics: Exploring the Time Lord’s Comic Book Adventures

Doctor Who Comics Read Online

Whether you’re a new or long-time Doctor Who fan, Titan Comics has you covered. This series chronicles modern incarnations but also features some classic Doctors!

Jody Houser and Roberta Ingranata are back again in this mini-story. Ingranata’s artwork beautifully captures Michelle Gomez as Missy. Her facial expressions and body language are spot-on!

Doctor Who: Origins

Doctor Who: Origins is a comic book series that introduces readers to the Fugitive Doctor. It features her on a mission for the Division with orders to stop a cult that plans to destroy Gallifrey. The story provides an appealing introduction to the character and shows some of her personality traits. However, it is not without its issues.

In the television show, the Doctor is an eccentric yet compassionate extraterrestrial time Lord who zips through space and time fighting injustice and saving people in need with his TARDIS, a time-travelling machine that resembles a blue police box. He is prone to regenerating when his body becomes too damaged or old, and each regeneration causes him to lose some of his memories.

The Master is a rival Time Lord who cares only for destruction in the universe. He is described as having a disarming or mercurial surface that conceals a well of age, wisdom, and melancholy.

Doctor Who: The Fugitive

As with the TV show, each year of the Titan comics is a self-contained story that doesn’t require you to have read previous years to understand. As such, it’s possible to start here and still enjoy the stories without any knowledge of past incarnations of The Doctor.

This particular story finds the TARDIS in Gloucester, where an alien fugitive is hiding from a platoon of Judoon. The Doctor tries to convince the Volsci woman leader not to commit hostile acts, and succeeds in doing so.

The biggest selling point of this story, and indeed many of the arcs in the Chibnall era, is the return of John Barrowman as Captain Jack. However, his role in the episode feels tacked on and is largely limited to a brief appearance.

In terms of Thirteen, she shines in the episode and is impressive at tackling the Judoon and thinking on her feet. However, Yaz gets a little lost in the mix and the overall result is a decent if unspectacular story.

Doctor Who: The Master

The Master is the arch-enemy of the Doctor and he’s one hell of a villain. A renegade Time Lord with the ability to regenerate, he’s been played by many actors over the years including John Simm and Michelle Gomez (Missy). Charismatic and witty, the Master is an evil genius that can make even the most intelligent Doctor fall for his deceit.

He’s a man with many schemes that all lead to him wanting control of the universe, including the human race. He used to be the best friend of the Doctor on their home planet of Gallifrey but his disregard for ‘lesser’ alien races and desire for power drove them apart.

Nick Abadzis writes this mini-series which features the Third Doctor and Peri from Season 11. The artwork is very good, especially with the likenesses of Jon Pertwee and Elisabeth Sladen. It feels very close to the TV series and I’d recommend this comic to any fan of the show.

Doctor Who: The Sea Devils

Doctor Who: The Sea Devils is the penultimate adventure of Jodie Whittaker’s run as the Thirteenth Doctor. The TARDIS brings her and companions Yaz (Mandip Gill) and Dan to 1807 China, where they join Madame Ching’s pirate raid on a treasure island. Along the way, Ying Ki (Marlow Chan-Reeves) attempts to get revenge for her father’s death and the Captain (who was a Sea Devil) escapes its stone prison.

The Master is incarcerated at a high-security prison on an island off the south coast of England, where he makes contact with the Sea Devils, a race of sea-adapted bipedal reptiles who once ruled Earth before humanity. He intends to use them in an attempt to conquer the planet again.

The Doctor engineers a way to destroy the Sea Devil base and save the world, but it requires one person to stay behind and die holding two cables together – a role that initially is offered to the Doctor, before Ji-Hun volunteers.

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