How Many Comics Does Spider-Man Have?

Since his first appearance in 1962, Spider-Man has represented the angst, excitement, and transitions of teenhood. His relatable character and witty humor have made him one of Marvel’s most popular heroes.

Many different comic series and storylines have featured Spider-Man over the years. New readers may be wondering how to start reading these comics.

1. Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man is an iconic Marvel Comics superhero that has captivated millions of readers. He is a relatable character with witty humor and incredible powers. There are many different iterations of the web-slinger, including his own ongoing series and various alternative universes.

There are also several limited series and one-shots featuring the arachnid hero. These are often written by acclaimed writers and can be found in stores and online marketplaces. While most Spider-Man stories are family-friendly, some contain more mature themes. For instance, in one storyline, Peter Parker drank a potion that gave him four extra arms. This led to some interesting What If? issues that explored how Spider-Man would deal with these new hands. Marvel also launched the Ultimate Universe, a second superhero universe, which introduced Miles Morales as another Spider-Man.

2. Spider-Man 2099

In this alternate universe, Spider-Man’s world is ravaged by social/class strife and a violent civil war. A former Black Card member, Gabri, has stolen the carnage cells and become the public face of retribution. As the protector of Miles Morales, Miguel O’Hara must save his girlfriend Tempest and her family from this bloodthirsty villain.

Peter David and Will Sliney’s art is sleek, fast-moving, and perfectly fits this futuristic Spider-Man. However, Sliney’s work sometimes falls flat with the colorist’s choices, which often create a cartoonish sheen over his characters’ skin tones.

Despite this, this is a fun read. The story moves quickly and the characters have good chemistry. Plus, it’s a nice change from the usual fare of the Spider-Man universe. However, it never really reaches greatness.

3. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man has captured the hearts of millions of fans, and he continues to inspire young minds around the world. With relatable characters and witty humor, this iconic Marvel superhero has become one of the most popular heroes of all time.

Miles Morales is the newest iteration of this beloved character, and he is a biracial teenager who has joined forces with other Spider-People from different universes to save his own. This unique film required up to 140 animators and features a hand-drawn style that honors the legacy of comics creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

Whether you’re new to the world of Spider-Man or are looking for a refresher course, this collection is a great place to start. This volume includes Edge of Spider-Verse #2 and the first eleven issues of Gwen Stacy’s eponymous series.

4. Spider-Man: Homecoming

A teenage Peter Parker (Tom Holland) balances high school life with being Spider-Man, a hero he shares with the world. But when he confronts the Vulture (Michael Keaton), everything he knows and loves is put at risk.

The burgeoning popularity of Spider-Man led Marvel to launch other ongoing series featuring the hero. These included Spectacular Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, and Web of Spider-Man.

Miles Morales, the biracial teenager who became Spider-Man in the All New, All Different Marvel Universe, also launched his own ongoing series. Unlike the other ongoing Spider-Man series, Miles’s series was named simply Spider-Man. This was to signify that the character had co-equal claim on the title. Miles was later joined by a second ongoing Spider-Man series, written by Brian Michael Bendis.

5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

A teen in the city gets bitten by a radioactive spider and gains superhuman strength, speed, agility, and clinging abilities. Thanks to his late uncle’s words, “with great power comes great responsibility,” Spidey uses his powers to fight crime and help people.

Filmmaker Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the minds behind The Lego Movie and Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, brought a groundbreaking visual style to this new take on Marvel’s iconic character.

The movie introduced audiences to Brooklyn teenager Miles Morales, a fan-favorite who takes up the mantle of Spider-Man after Ultimate Peter Parker’s death. Miles struggles with his own personal issues while juggling his superhero duties. Throughout his journey, he’s aided by friends and family, including his Aunt May. He also faces a number of formidable villains, such as Kingpin and his henchmen.

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