Invincible: Omni-Man’s Secret Identity and the Consequences of his Actions

Invincible Comics With Omni-Man

One of the more interesting changes that Invincible made from its comic book source material was in how it handled Omni-Man. Nolan Grayson, who goes by the hero name of Omni-Man in the show, is an alien from the Viltrumite empire.

He takes on a human identity to better assimilate into Earth culture, and even marries a woman named Debbie.


If you want a comic book that will keep you reading from start to finish, Invincible is a great choice. This Image Comics series follows Mark Grayson (aka Invincible) as he tries to live a normal life while being the son of the world’s most powerful superhero. Kirkman and Walker do a great job of building the story, giving characters meaningful character arcs, and adding plot twists to the mix. Invincible isn’t afraid to slow down and let the reader catch their breath, but it also doesn’t overdo the swoosh bam boom action.

This is a superhero comic after all, so there’s plenty of violence. But unlike many superhero books, this one doesn’t hide the gruesome details or use them as a crutch. It explores deep philosophical questions like whether a superhero should kill their enemies if they are hellbent on attacking them again or causing destruction and loss of life. And while there are some stretches of the book that drag, it always builds back up to the next big event.


Omni-Man is a Viltrumite of immense power. He is able to withstand almost any form of physical harm, and can heal remarkably quickly. He also possesses superhuman speed, making him incredibly dangerous to anyone he encounters.

He resides on Earth, where he presents himself as Nolan Grayson and works with the Global Defense Agency to hide his true identity. He has a human wife named Debbie and a son, Mark. He has high expectations for his son, which often cause friction between him and the family.

At the funeral of the Guardians, Omni-Man delivers a speech that explains that even though they had lost many heroes, they would never be alone. He urges them to keep fighting for their world and not give up. He also reveals that he killed the Guardians, saying it was his responsibility.

Guardians of the Globe

The first episode of Invincible, the Amazon Prime series based on Robert Kirkman’s comics, ends with a wild twist. Mark Grayson’s father Nolan/Omni-Man, the most powerful superhero on Earth, kills every member of the Guardians of the Globe in a bloody battle for no apparent reason.

The Guardians were a team of superpowered adults including Red Rush, Black Samson, The Immortal, Aquarus and Martian Man. They were a group that was created to protect the world from aliens and other threats.

After the death of the original Guardians, a new team was formed. This incarnation of the team includes Brit, Outrun, Rex-Plode, Shrinking Rey, Monster Girl and Robot. The team is far from ready to be Earth’s ultimate line of defense. Even their leader Cecil knows that the current Guardians do not have what it takes to take on Omni-Man. This would be a huge blow to the show and comic. However, they still do their best to keep the planet safe.

The Immortals

An amazing comic book series but there is a lot of gore and violence in it so be prepared if you read or watch it. It is about a young girl who is blessed with immortality and fights to break the curse of her father while trying to save her boyfriend Damen.

She is also trying to choose a college, graduate high school and start dating. Plus her dad’s species is at war with Earth. This is quite a load to carry for any mortal. This is why he gets a lot of help from the other immortals who have been around a long time and are very familiar with the trials and tribulations of being an immortal. These include rex, robot, monster girl and dupli Kate among others. The Immortal is the leader of the Guardians and is married to dupli-Kate. He is unkillable but was beheaded by Omni-Man and revived by the Mauler twins who dug him up and reattached his head. He now rules the world as a tyrant.

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